Special Interest Groups

Eastern Shore Public Library Interest Groups are a professional and collegial network of public library staff who come together regularly to share experiences, concerns, and skills within their area of specialization.

The members of the Interest Groups may also make recommendations and suggestions to the ESRL Interest Group facilitator regarding ESRL services relating to the specific area of specialization of the group or, other services and concerns.


The Children's Librarians of the Eastern Shore promote literacy and advocate for library services to children and teens. The group communicates and represents the concerns and priorities of the Eastern Shore to the agencies that serve youth throughout the state.

CLES meetings are designed to be a networking opportunity for Eastern Shore youth services librarians, as well as a chance to share ideas and best practices and report relevant information back to member libraries

CLES shares information about recommended library performers via the Eastern Shore Performers Wiki.

ESRL and CLES sponsor the annual Maryland Mock Newberry.


The ESTEENS interest group is made up of library staff who serve young adults. The ESTEENS group holds online meetings three times a year, and collaborates with the help of a wiki.

For more information about young adult library services in Maryland, please visit the Maryland YA Wiki.

Adult Services Group

The Adult Services Group serves to advise ESRL on region wide purchases of materials, particularly electronic resources such as databases. Region wide projects are also discussed at group meetings. Some examples of these types of projects include training and grants.

The Adult Services Group meetings are designed to be a networking opportunity for Eastern Shore reference librarians and a chance to share ideas and best practices at your libraries and report relevant information back to member libraries.


The Eastern Shore Technology Interest Group meets regularly to discuss trends and developments in library technology. The group demos and evaluates new products, software and services. Other efforts by the group include coordinating group purchasing, developing baseline hardware and software configurations for public and staff workstations and identifying areas where specialized training may be needed.


Group Name Contact
Adult Services Group
Rachael Stein
Children's Librarian Group
Rachael Stein
ES Teens
Rachael Stein
IT Group
Rick Simpson